Sunday, October 25, 2009

Trip to Illinois!

My mom and I got to spend our Fall Break on a trip to see Renee', Ryan and Teagan! It is always good to get to go up and spend time with them when we can.

Us girls and Teagan took a trip into Schaumburg (I think thats how it is spelled) to IKEA and Olive Garden.

Then we just relaxed on Friday, and that night we got to go to my cousin Pam's for some time with her family and my Aunt Mern and Uncle Lee.
Teagan turned 5 months!

Saturday was a beautiful day so we went to Rockton and walked around some of the little shops. This is from a kids consignment shop we went into.

Monday, October 19, 2009

2 in 1 day...WOot!

Here is a little glimpse at what I did this weekend:

Friday - Dudley and I went on a date to Chili's and to see Where the Wild Things Are

Saturday - We went to a chili cook-off that some friends from church were having. I forgot to take my camera so I didn't get any pictures of it.

Sunday - We got to hang out with our wonderful friends Nicole and Justin and their little boy Tait. We went to a place called The Incredible Pizza Company. It is between Chuck E. Cheese and Dave and Busters. There were still kids there but it had a lot more for adults to do.

An Update....

This entry is to stop my dad from nagging me about updating :)

There are so many good things going on right now that it would be hard for me to doubt just how wonderful God is!! Since my last post, Dudley has been blessed with a job here in Mooresville (it is actually right down the road from my house). He is working full-time for a man from the church who had heard Dudley was looking for working, and he needed people at his shop. Dudley was part of a play in Georgia and the man was willing to work with Dudley and allow him to start once the play was over! GOD IS GOOD!!!!

Things were looking up more and more, and the only thing we needed to figure out now is where Dudley would stay once he got up here. Well, once again GOD IS GOOD! A family from Dudley's home church has family about 30 minutes from where Dudley is working and they have a house that he can stay in fully furnished for FREE!!! It was the lady's mother's house and they still use it when they visit but no one is permanently living in it! It is a little ways away from everything but it will give Dudley the chance to save up and find a place that he really likes!

This all has to be God's doing because there is no other way that it would have all come together like it did!