Wednesday, January 20, 2010

100 Day!

Today in Kindergarten it was the 100Th Day of School! We had to dress up as if we were 100 years old! I am so glad I remembered my camera today!

There I am! Curlers and all!!

Some of my all-day girls!

Sarah - the all-day teacher Jenny - the half-day teacher I work with in p.m.

If you couldn't tell, it was a very fun day!!

Friday, January 8, 2010


Dudley and I got engaged tonight! It was a wonderful night. Here is how it began....

On Wednesday Dudley gave me this:

So we went and saw Leap Year (which was amazing by the way and I will own it when it comes out on DVD) and then we went to Chili's.

Dudley said the whole time he was trying to figure out how he was going to do it. He said he thought about doing it outside but he didn't want to make me freeze.

So, we ended up going to Barnes and Noble and getting coffee. We then preceded to the children's book section to look around. Little did I know that Dudley was going to propose :)

Needless to say, I said yes, and haven't stopped smiling since!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm just a little late with this blog.

We had family Christmas on New Year's Eve at Renee' and Ryan's and it was wonderful. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. Not because we get presents, but because it is one time in the year that I am guaranteed to have all my family in one place. We are always having a good time and joking around with each other, giving each other gifts is just a bonus. Teagan being a part of our Christmas this year was a wonderful add-on. He was so fun to watch! Here are pictures of our Christmas Day.

Teagan waiting for everyone to get up so we can open presents

Now that their is a kids don't have to have our picture in front of the tree. He is way cuter anyway :)

Opening his gift from me. I got him a cute onesie set, jeans, and some awesome shoes. And I got him....

This shirt :) I was going to wait till his birthday to give it to him, but I couldn't wait any longer.

Teagan and I ready to bring in the New Year!

I would have more pictures but my battery died and so this was the end of what I got. I hope every one's year is starting out right! May God bless you in many ways this coming year!