Monday, April 26, 2010

2 months?!?!

It is April 26 and the wedding is two months from today. I can't believe in just two months I will be married to Dudley. It seems like just yesterday we were just beginning to date! God has surely brought us a long way in 3 years. We have had our ups and our downs, but over all God has lead the way through this relationship!

Well, besides being 2 months away from the wedding, today would have been my Grandma Reedy's birthday. It is during times like this that I really miss her. She wasn't able to physically see me graduate high school, college, and she won't be there to see me get married. However, I know she is watching over me and would be so proud of how far I have come and where I am in my life today. I will always miss, but I know she loves me and always will!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Been a long time....

Okay, so it has been MONTHS since I have last updated, but I have good reason for not keeping up. The main reason is because i was without my computer for a good month or so. It stopped working on me so when sister and nephew came for a visit in February I sent it home with her for her husband to check out. He is wonderful and fixed it for me, and I got it back from them when my mom and I went for a visit over our Spring Break. Besides that, we have been busy planning mine and Dudley's wedding :)

Things are going really well. It is a little over 2 months and pretty much everything is done. We have some assembling to do for the table decor but other than that everything is coming along smoothly. In no time June 26 will be here and I will be Mrs. Dudley! Eek!