Wednesday, August 22, 2012


So its been a while since my last update...whoops! Let's just say that things have been a LITTLE crazy since my last post....

  • 6/26: We signed the papers for our first home!
  • 6/27: We moved into our new home. 
  • 7/3-8: We traveled to Illinois, and then on to Minnesota for a family reunion that only happens every three years. 
  • 7/11-14: I went to a family camp in Ohio with my mom and dad
  • 7/21-28: My sister and her boys got to come visit us! It was wonderful!
  • 7/21: Dad was ordained as an elder at our church. I couldn't be any prouder of my Dad. He is an amazing example in so many ways!
  • 7/30-8/3: My fellow kindergarten teachers and I held a camp from 9-11 for a few of our kids. 
  • 8/3: First official work day for school
  • 8/6: Teacher Orientation and Work Day
  • 8/7: First day of school - I have 29 students this year all to myself. We are filled to the max when it comes to space. I have to have 5-6 students at each table which makes it difficult when it comes to some projects. I do not have enough coat hooks for my students, so I am anxious to see what it will be like it gets cold out and kids start bringing coats. Also, I do not have enough cubbies. I have had to resort to using little bins for 5 of my kiddos. It is a lot of kids, and it is taking a HUGE toll on me, but I know I will make it through!
  • 8/9: I find out I have to participate in a new thing called The New Teacher Academy that our school corporation is putting together. It isn't going to be difficult and I am sure it will be helpful. However, to find out that I have to go once a month at 4'o clock and sit through a book discussion and lecture after being around 29 kids all day, not to mention the stress of being a second year teacher, lets just say I may or may not have had a meltdown. 
  • Today: We are preparing for a new testing format. We have only been trained a few hours in a few days. We found out today that we have to administer said test THIS Friday! Now, this isn't just any test. I have to get a sub for my class because I have to be the one to test all 29 students on their lettering naming, beginning sounds, and reading comprehension. Whew! 
So, do you agree that things have been a LITTLE crazy?!? I am hoping things start to slow down soon, but with the way things have been going I am not so sure that is going to happen. Every time I feel like I am getting ahead, I end of finding something else out that puts me three steps behind. I am not one that usually gets so stressed out about things....but I am not sure how I am going to make it through all this :-/ 

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