Friday, December 18, 2009

On the fifth day of Christmas....

we had friends over to my parents. My mom and dad had Hugh and Nancy, Mike and Linda, Danny and Eileen, and Nicole and Tait over tonight for food and double UNO. Ever since Nicole and I were little (and our brothers and my sister and Danny and Eileen's boys) our familys have tried to get together at least once a year if possible. There have been years were it hasn't worked out but it is always a good time when it does. The kids would always play, and the parents played double UNO men vs. women. I have always enjoyed watching them play because they get so into it, and Nancy has all the score sheets saved in a file. Here is a few pictures of the night:

Look at all of Nancy's cards.....LOL

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jnwiese02 said...

that was fun..hopefully we can do it again soon!