Thursday, December 24, 2009

On the seventh day of Christmas.....

I got the honor of singing with my parents for a friend of ours wedding. It was a beautiful simple ceremony and reception to follow.

That day I also got to attend my parents small group White Elephant Party. Here are some pictures for it:
This is my friend's son Tait! He was playing with his grammy's phone. His Uncle Ryan would call it so it would ring and Tait would start dancing. It was too cute!

This was at the start of the game. We decided this year that no one would open the gifts until the very end so all you had to go off of was the packaging. It was fun to see who would steal based on the bag it was in. Marty stole the Victoria Secret bag from someone after his original bag was stolen from him. I don't remember if he ended up with the Victoria Secret or not! It was funny to watch him steal it though!

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