Monday, May 31, 2010


Less than a month till the wedding and there is a lot going on. I am currently teaching a class of 16 kids who will be in Kindergarten in the fall. It is a Kindergarten Camp to help get them prepared for the year ahead. It started last Friday and goes until June 11, 9-12p.m. every day. Yeah, it is only for three hours a day but we have quite a bit we have to get in in those 3 hours.

In addition to that, I am trying to get as much of my stuff as I can packed up and moved to our apartment so it will feel as much like home when we get back from the honeymoon as it can. It is going pretty well so far, but you really never realize how much stuff you have till it comes to a time like this.

Oh, and lets not forget the most important thing going on....finishing up last minute details for the wedding :) Things are going well just a few more things to finalize.

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