Thursday, January 12, 2012


Boy is it cold out there! We are finally getting the feeling of winter out there. I do love snow but I don't love everything it brings with it! Like today for instance, I was leaving school to head home and what happens. I slip on ice and fall right on my side. Then, my key won't unlock my door. It turns and turns but nothing. It has stuck before and after a few jiggles it unlocked. Not today :( I stood there freezing and trying, but nothing. So luckily I am blessed to live close to my parents and I was able to call my dad for help. He was able to come right over and he got it to open up!

So, the moral of the story is, I am one blessed girl to be able to live close enough to my parents that when Dudley is working and I can't get a hold of them I have someone to call on for help!

I know you are reading this, Dad, so thank you again for your help! I love you!

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