Monday, April 9, 2012

Here we go....

Today is a day of beginning new things.

I have for quite some time struggled with my self-image. It is not something I have talked about with people, and it has been more of an issue than I am sure anyone realizes. That is how I often am with things. I keep them to myself because somewhere out there, there are bigger issues so why waste time on the small things like how I look.

It is often hard when shopping with others because, as I like to joke about, I always get the "big girl" clothes. It is hard when shopping to hear others always say things like, "Oh, wouldn't this look cute on so and so" but hardly ever hear, "Oh, this would look cute on you." My size usually doesn't look so cute on the hanger. This is why my style has never really been totally where I wish it was. I have always been the girl who wears t-shirts and tennis shoes. Even though I love both of those things, I have always wanted to branch out with my style.

This leads us to today. I have decided to really stick with and put in my full commitment to eating better and working out. The best part of all of this is that not only will I feel better inside and out, but I have the best accountability partner, my hubby! He has been so awesome in all of this and is stepping up to the plate to help me out anyway he can! I love him so much and glad we get to do life together!

I am going to try my best to update everyday how I am doing on this journey, but bare with me as I may not always want to post what is going on.

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Anna said...

Angela. You are beautiful as you are now but I am excited for you on this journey as well. Have fun and try new, healthier foods, and don't forget good fat keeps you healthy!