Saturday, April 14, 2012


This weekend was our Annual Women's Retreat at church. It was so nice to take a couple days and be spiritually feed. Getting to spend time in fellowship and community is something that I often take for granted because it is something that we all, for the most part have, but something that we don't use like we should. The worship and speaking was uh-mazing! I love when it is as if God has those speaking or leading talking to me and me alone. I know there were others that needed to hear what was said too but I love when He hits me right in the heart with His message.

With all of this being said, with fellowship usually comes eating....not so good when you are on a diet. I tried to be good, but I am not perfect and I messed up some. I was a little frustrated when I weighed myself this morning, but I just had to remind myself that everyday is a new journey and I will make!

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Abbi said...

A women's retreat sounds like fun. I am glad you enjoyed and that you are doing well!