Thursday, November 29, 2012


Eek! I have really gotten behind this week!

November 26, 2012:

Day 26: Today, I am thankful for Mondays. I know, I know, I must be crazy, but this school year I actually like Mondays. My class this year is so good on Mondays! They are always so quiet and calm on Mondays, and in great moods! They make my Mondays!

November 27, 2012:

Day 27:  Today, I am thankful for surprises! I love giving surprises! I love being able to surprise someone with something they won't get for themselves!

November 28, 2012:

Day 28: Today, I am thankful for a hubby that doesn't mind taking a turn making dinner!

November 29, 2012:

Day 29: Today, I am thankful that my nephews want to call me on the phone! I noticed I had a missed call and voice mail from my sister. This had me worried at first because usually if she needs something during the day she just texts me. I couldn't check my message until lunch, but it was well worth the wait. I listen and this is what I hear, "La la, La la, hi, love you, bye, Hi, see you in a couple weeks. love you, bye, bye!" I had the biggest smile on my face after that message! I texted Renee' to thank her for the message, and she told me E had brought her phone to her and when she asked if he wanted to call someone he said "uh-huh." When she asked who he wanted to call he said "La la"  Love it!!

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