Friday, February 15, 2013


I know I am way behind this month, but in my defense I tried to update a while ago and blogger wouldn't let me. I kept trying and trying and finally I gave up. So here we go:

February 6, 2013

Day 98: Today I am thankful mornings that are quiet and productive. 

February 7, 2013

Day 99: I know I have been thankful for this before, but oh well... Today I am thankful for Dudley. Today is his birthday, and I am glad God created him! I would be lost without my best friend!

February 8, 2013

Day 100: I am glad that I have made it through the first 100 days of blogging. It may not have always been right on the correct day, but I have stuck with it!

February 9, 2013

Day 101: I am thankful for days spent with my sis, her boys and my momma! We got to do a little shopping and hang-out today since Renee' and the boys were in town. I cherish days like these and the memories that are created!

February 10, 2013

Day 102: Today, I am thankful for the opportunities to meet together with fellow Christians and worship the one and only God!

February 11, 2013

Day 103: I am thankful there are always ways to find answers to problems. 

February 12, 2013

Day 104: I am thankful for our crock pot  It is so nice to be able to put a meal together before heading to work and come home and it is ready to eat!

February 13, 2013

Day 105: Today, I am thankful for parent volunteer who are willing to fully plan parties for our class!

February 14, 2013

Day 106: I am thankful for opportunities to tell me kiddos how special they are to me!

February 15, 2013

Day 107: I am thankful for sleepovers in our living room with Dudley!

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