Tuesday, December 4, 2012

4 in a row

December 1

Day 31: Today I am thankful TRUE friends. The friends that are always there no matter the situation. Friends that you know are always honest no matter whether you want them to be or not. Friends that don't change who they are because of who they are around. Friends that can hang out in their comfy clothes and do absolutely nothing together. Friends that you can cry and laugh with. I am blessed with a few of these TRUE friends and God knew exactly what He was doing when he placed them in my life!

December 2

Day 32: Today I am thankful for people like my Momma who take time to invest in the lives of children to help them learn about God and what He has done for us. She has been leading the children's Christmas musical at church for like 30+ years, and she always does an amazing job at it no matter the stress it may bring about. She and those who work with her always put their all into the productions to make sure that not only the children participating but those watching come out knowing the true meaning of Christmas.

December 3

Day 33: Today I am thankful for time to actually sleep. I came home not feeling the best and I was able to sleep for 7+ hours. Dudley and I  had a few errands to run, and when we got home I ended up falling asleep on the couch. After a couple hours, I finally went up stairs and went to bed. It was nice to be able to get some much needed rest without feeling guilty for not doing the things around the house I should be doing.

December 4

Day 34: Today I am thankful for a hubby who understands how bad migraines make me feel. I really wish there was someway I knew when a headache was going to become a migraine. Everyone is always telling me that I should take medicine when I feel a migraine coming on. Well, when you have had headaches as long as I have you never know if it is a migraine or just a really bad headache. Dudley is such a sport when I have one of those days and does his best to make me as comfortable as possible. I love him so much for doing what he can to help!

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